Join us in Manchester on 8th of April 2019 at our workshop, to help us prioritise what you’d like to see from future academic research. Caroline Fiennes, Director of Giving Evidence, explains our research consultation exercise here.



Charity Futures is an independent think tank promoting the long term sustainability of charities.

We challenge ourselves and others to think more deeply about the future by asking difficult questions, promoting conversation and provoking debate.

A strong sector delivers a strong society.

History and Progress

Since our launch in July 2017 we have been busy trying to get as rounded a view as possible as to the long-term challenges facing the charitable sector, and diverse approaches for surmounting them. We have held roundtable consultations with chief executives and chairs from charities large and small, with sector experts and think tank researchers, with funders and philanthropists, charity academics and journalists, training providers, and umbrella bodies. In an effort to avoid being stuck in the London bubble, we have travelled to Exeter, Edinburgh, Sheffield, Oxford, Norfolk and Manchester to meet sector leaders. We have had more roundtables in Belfast, Cardiff, Newcastle, and Bradford.

In addition we ran a survey of charity trustees in collaboration with nfpSynergy and Third Sector magazine. The results are published here, and we held a seminar to discuss the governance learning points the exercise indicated in November; some intermediate conclusions can be found here in our written submission to the House of Lords select committee on charities.


Charity Futures is a community interest company, not a charity, which aims to promote discussion on how to safeguard and bolster the long-term prospects of the charitable sector. It is not itself a charity in order to promote that wider policy discussion. We do not and will not raise funds from the general public. We are known as Charity Futures and are registered as Third Sector Futures CIC, Company Number: 10730231.

Our Privacy Notice

Third Sector Futures CIC (Charity Futures) reviews its policy and procedures on the protection of personal data at least once a year, most recently in the light of new requirements coming into force in May 2018. 

All our processing of personal data is for the lawful purpose of pursuing our legitimate interests. Besides data about our employees, Directors and contractors, we hold details of people we need to contact from time to time in order to share news of our progress and activities such as consultations, publications, and events. We can only achieve our aims for the sector whose future we are supporting, by sharing and collaborating in this way. The data we hold and use for this purpose is limited to contact details such as email and postal addresses and telephone numbers. 

If you are someone we contact from time to time, we can assure you that we keep your data securely and will use it only for the purpose of contacting you in connection with our work. We will not share it with anyone else without your express permission, except in the unlikely event we are required to do so by law. If any breach of data should occur we will take action as soon as we are aware of it, and will follow the Information Commissioner’s guidance.

If we no longer need your data we will erase it. We will respond promptly and at the very latest within one month to any request you make to us in exercise of your rights under the legislation, including asking us to amend your data or remove it from our records entirely. If you wish to make such a request, or have any other questions about our use of your data, please email