Research, Insights and Key Documents

June 2018 saw the release of two think pieces from Charity Futures:

Nothing to Lose (But Your Chains) serves as a call to action for the sector, and also an investigation into the potential applications of blockchain technology for charities.

Blockchain could have a revolutionary influence on the charity sector; The author notes that sector leaders must understand the technology so that it can be shaped to benefit charities' beneficiaries. 

To the Core follows Charity Futures' collaboration with The Behavioural Insights Team. The report outlines how behavioural science can help charities understand why funders might have an aversion to providing core cost funding. Charities' struggles to secure infrastructure funding will not disappear and the message must be relayed to funders and the public effectively.


To the Core - in collaboration with The Behavioural Insights Team

Nothing to Lose (But Your Chains): Using Blockchain to Better Humanity - authored by Asheem Singh

From our Director:

Sir Stephen Bubb – Summer Lecture – Charity Governance in Crisis

Sir Stephen Bubb - The History of British Charity