Careers In Charity – Find Yours With Charity Fast-Track

Charity Fast-Track is an exciting course that is launching to help people get charity sector jobs, and follow a meaningful career path that is centred around helping people. Rich Wall, Charity Fast-Track Manager, has shared some insight.

There is a clear and growing need in the charity sector to access and support a more diverse group of talented, ambitious people—people who understand the complexities of careers in charity and can illustrate how their skills will support the charity’s mission.

What the charity sector is learning is that it needs outside perspectives. People who find their first job in charity bring new ways of thinking, they inspire change. And they can help drive an organisation forward simply by looking at it as an ‘outsider’, removing any inherent bias that comes from working closely with the cause.

Since 2015, we at Charity Fast-Track has been working with people looking to break into the charity sector and build careers with meaning. We equip you with the practical know-how and skills that accelerate you into your next career. And, as charity professionals, we know that the best talent doesn’t always come from within the sector.

That’s why we launched Charity Fast-Track: Foundation. Curated by experts from across the sector, the course is 12 weeks long, with five core modules designed to help you land your first charity job or advance in your charity career..

What you’ll learn on the Foundation course:

And the best part? It’s almost entirely done online, which means you can fit your studies around your lifestyle. But don’t worry, you’ll still get the chance to network and meet your classmates at our one-day Bootcamp at the launch of the course. It is suitable for those looking for their first charity sector job, career changers, or those already in the sector who want to build their skills and experience.

  • How Charities Operate
  • How Charities Make Money
  • How Charities Communicate
  • How Charities Drive Change
  • How Charities Deliver Impact

By focusing on how social impact organisations do what they do, we provide a comprehensive grounding in the profession of charity.

Gaining practical charity experience

Of course, you’ll want to be able to put this new knowledge into practice. That’s why a fundraising challenge is at the heart of the program, allowing you to take everything you studied and apply it in a truly hands-on way. Working with our partners at, you’ll lead a team of volunteers to raise vital funds so that they can continue to change and save the lives of children in Kenya and Sierra Leone.

Through this you’ll showcase practical skills in volunteer management, charity communication and project design. You’ll have a record of creating social impact on your CV, and have a great time doing it.

Visit today, and join our next group of Fast-Trackers.